Do you feel ๐Ÿ‘‰ It is kinda difficult in India, to be a remote worker, freelancer or work independently of the big career path.

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Sweep out isolation

Have you felt lonely while working remotely ? To a certain extent, our co-workers do help us. But what if you don't trust them enough to share your true feelings. Or maybe you are all alone and looking for your next gig and are lost in this process. Even the lone wolf needs its pack.

RemoteIndian is a network of friends and supporters you could open up to without the worry of being judged.

Get around societal norms

In India, if you are working from home, people assume you are unemployed ๐Ÿ˜…. In such a culture, how do you prove that remote work is legit ? You want to adopt this lifestyle, but you see very few people around you doing it.

The interviews and articles on our blog essentially try to normalise the concept of freelance or remote work in India.

Overcome lack of information

Is it difficult to find a job which allows you to work remotely ? Have you found it troublesome to look for good places to work from ? Have you found it difficult to manage your finances or taxes ? Or may be you want to work from a foreign country but the visa process holds you back ?

Share your challenges and get help from people who are there in the trenches. Basically learn from each other.


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