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🎧 Music for productivity

Switch your mood with the right track.

I always have my headphones on while I am working.

And the best part is that I can switch based on my mood/work.

Here are the ones that I have curated for you.

Feel free to add to the list.

1/ Brain.fm

Music for the 🧠 as they like to call it.

This one's paid but IMO well worth the money. There's research to back me up. Works well when I need to dive deep into a problem.

Brain.fm: Music to improve focus, meditation & sleep.

2/ Spotify

Now that Spotify is here in India, I am really happy that I can listen to playlists like the one below.

Also love that I can use default music player controls on my keyboard ⏭

3/ Youtube

It has much more options than Spotify but I inadvertently tend to consume videos which are not that productive 😅

Btw did you know there was a desktop app for Youtube 🤔

4/ Apple Music

For everybody who ❤️ all things Apple!

5/ Other notable mentions

📻 RadioTunes

☕️ Cafe ambience

🗣️ Custom Background Noise

🔂 Listen to one song on repeat. It sounds crazy but many people do swear by it.

💌 Flowstate newsletter on Substack

🗞️ Organized Noise - Daily house/techno playlist on Substack

💪 Focus@Will

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