Technical Lead @ Transchain Technologies Private Limited

Posted 22 days ago

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New Delhi
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15 - 25 lpa
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Our Product “Book and Forget” is the core message of Transchain’s solutions to its clients. Through our web-based / app- based portals we intend to digitise the Logistics services that are on offer today. The clients shall be inclined to visit our portal to get real time booking of the standalone services that they would require in the supply chain trail or alternatively allow us to take charge of their movement from origin door to destination door. Our services would be outlined under the three standalone products as under:

  1. Transchain Transportation
  2. Transchain Warehousing
  3. Transchain Multimodal Freight Forwarding

All the standalone products will have the option and facility to synchronise with each other, like, say Warehousing Distribution product would also be able to link with Transportation product for inbounds and outbounds to and from the warehouse, or Multimodal Freight Forwarding which typically includes Shipping and then customs clearance, would be able to link with warehousing as a follow up product.  However, there is a fourth and all conclusive product which is our personal favourite -  “Transchain Integrated” whereby we combine all the standalone services and use our expertise to plan and execute the best course of door-to-door movement in terms of route and cost optimisation to bring about value addition to the client’s supply chain. 

As a Technical lead, you will be responsible for complete product development including - 1. Identification of technology 2. Shaping engineering practices 3. Hiring engineering team 4. Shaping up the product

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