Senior Java Software Engineer @ Cactus Communications

Posted 5 months ago

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Senior (5-8 years)
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About the team

Cactus Labs is the high-impact R&D Cell of Cactus Communications. We use AI/ML to solve complex technical and business challenges that keep CACTUS competitive and make it an industry leader. We are a multi-cultural team spread across 6+ countries. We primarily work in the domains of AI/ML especially with a focus on text (NLP - Natural Language Processing), Language Understanding, Explainable AI and Big Data Within Cactus Labs you will be a part of the micro-services team that builds and exposes knowledge extracted by our NLP Experts, Big Data Engineers and Machine Learning Wizards to both internal and external products. Some of the largest academic publishers around the world consume these APIs on their live products. The micro-services team is the bridge that connects the core of Cactus Labs to internal and external products. This role allows you drive innovation daily and be where all the action is.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Take full ownership of the current microservice technology stack of Java on SpringBoot and Docker
  2. Build and release software through Jenkins, onto an AWS microservice architecture using Docker. Ensure the weekly software releases go off without a hitch
  3. Benchmark extensively to pick the right approach, work with a mindset to scale dynamically and think ahead to anticipate problems and meet user needs
  4. Collaborate closely with various team members like Big Data Engineers, Big Data/Cloud Architect and Domain SMEs while building and designing solutions
  5. Be the technical SME while working with Product Managers and business stakeholders.
  6. In addition to technical expertise, understand our products and the users – contribute to product direction & user understanding
  7. Play an active part in code reviews, your own and others—set the standard for the team!

Skills & experience:

  1. 5-8 Years of relevant experience
  2. Hands on experience with SpringBoot and Java in a professional setting. You can build and guide building of advanced microservices, ensuring high traceability, scalability, and stability.
  3. Prior experience with building and executing POCs. You can run benchmarks and present results and make sound technical decisions based on results
  4. Hands-on experience of working on any cloud environment, preferably AWS
  5. Experience working with CI/CD pipelines. You can automate and monitor deployments ensuring a friction free go LIVE and update process
  6. Be independent, self-driven and self-motivated. Take charge of your learning and growth.
  7. Keep yourself actively updated of progress in the domain

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