Senior Backend Developer @ Reef Technologies

Posted 9 months ago

💼 Company
🌐 Location
🗃️ Category
⌛ Commitment
💼 Experience
Senior (5-8 years)
💰 Salary range/Hourly rate:
5000-8250 USD / month
📝 Description

Let us convince you that you need a new job… and that you’ve just found the perfect opportunity. We’re growing slowly but steadily, and we’re continuously looking to expand our team with experienced Python engineers.

Join Reef Technologies and work on your own terms:

Contribute from wherever you like – we are fully remote. Choose your own working hours. We only hold ~2 calls per week. Work in a fast-paced environment, completing projects of your choice for dynamic startups from all over the world. Enjoy open communication – we all contribute to the decision-making process. Choose the projects you want to work on. We receive enough offers to only accept the ones that we like.

Remuneration on a B2B contract:

55 - 75 USD or 220 - 300 PLN per hour, or 9240 - 12600 USD or 36960 - 50400 PLN a month if you do 40 hours per week Flexible work schedule (measured by time tracker)

Additional perks of working at Reef Technologies:

We offer a stable position at an established company in a booming industry. All decision-makers, including the CEO, are Senior Python Engineers. We cover reasonable coworking space expenses. You’ll get financial help to buy the necessary hardware. You’ll work in a multicultural, inclusive environment where everyone has a say. You’ll get to use your English skills on an everyday basis. You’ll get to take advantage of our flexible leave policy.

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