Machine Learning/ Full Stack Engineer @ The Prints Company

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The Prints Company is a DeepTech startup (Computer Vision & NLP), founded by two ISB alumni, on a mission to enable Personalization of Design at Scale (Prints/ Surface-Artworks) for brands in Fashion & Textile industries. Imagine a shirt, dress, duvet, wallpaper etc. designed to the preference of every individual by AI. No more speculative design. We build on top of open-source language-guided Generative AI models (e.g. Stability AI) to assist fashion/textile designers with exploration and creation of surface artworks. We are design partners to Amazon, Myntra and we are set to onboard almost all the big names in domestic fashion retail as our customers. This is a massive opportunity, and we are working to solve some hard problems like bringing more control over the inputs to the AI models, using the customer interaction data to improve the relevance of inferences, etc. The challenge of building an intuitive product UX for a highly discerning customer group (visual artwork designers) while operating at the bleeding edge of vision and NLP is super exciting and keeps us driven. We are looking for rockstar technologists to join us in building AI products to solve visual creativity in global retail.

Vision: โ€œTo be the best research-driven and customer-oriented technology company in the AI-based creativity software space enabling any individual to express their imagination as visual design.โ€ Mission: โ€œTo develop AI-based SaaS products & services that are purpose-built for the success of print designers in Fashion & Lifestyle industries. Our offering enables brands to create novel, exclusive and personalized prints for their customers at scale and speed.โ€

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