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Junior (1-2 years)
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Are you driven by a passion for solving problems? Do you take full responsibility, learning and recruiting skills as needed to get closer to solutions?

We are a super small team focused on building stellar saas products. We are looking for people like you to join our highly dynamic remote team for building the next generation conversational marketing software.

What your work would look like : • Developing & Designing saas dashboard  • Designing highly interactive conversational interfaces • Developing highly scalable backend services • Building internal tools  • Translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code  • Developing product-led marketing 

What you can expect : • Flexible work timing • Remote work from home or co-working spaces • Highly dynamic and equal opportunity job • Great learning opportunity and global exposure • Fun working culture

You'll be the right person for this role if : • Creative • Driven by passion  • Fast learner who believes in learning by doing • Obsessed with high-quality design and code  • Frontend focused full-stack engineer • Believer in simplicity and minimalism • Attention to details • Can build a product from scratch without help • Comfortable working remotely or outside of the office environment • Stay updated with the latest products & trends • Work well on a growing team, communicating clearly and often • Have an interest in continually learning how the team can build better, more scalable, and more sustainable solutions

We want to get to know you, so please share any of your side projects, open-source contributions, community involvement. Share projects you have made from scratch or one which you are proud of. Tell us why you'd be a good fit for this role.

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