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#WeAreLookingFor 🪄 👨🏻‍💻 We are looking for a Sr. Software Engineer (iOS) with a stellar track record of building products and solving deep technical challenges. You will be responsible for leading the development and maintenance of applications aimed at a vast number of Schmooze Users on iOS devices. 🤠 With knowledge of the general mobile landscape, current users trends and preferences, and emerging technologies within the mobile engineering field, you will work alongside the product management team and cross-functional teams (Product Engineer, DevOps, Data, UX, QA) to improve overall code structure, and develop.

Minimum Experience: More than 2+ years of building cool things.

#WhatYouWillDo: ✨ Be responsible for the entire life cycle of high complexity iOS projects/features, including software design, development, and deployment within your team. 🌈 Improve code structure and architecture in service of testability and maintainability; write, co-write, and review design documentation. 🚀 Lead new language/framework POCs, participate in the design review process, seek and provide constructive criticism 🪄 Track and report at least one execution metric (e.g. code coverage, velocity). 📈 Ensure that your team has strong sets of documentation and journals of how their design and architecture evolves over time. 🔮 Ensure predictability, quality, and throughput of your team's delivery. 🐝 Participate in the prioritization of cross-team initiatives, and lead your team members based on the knowledge of trade-offs between quality, tech-debt, and delivery; split complex engineering tasks into smaller components that can be developed by junior engineers on the team. 👶🏼 Conduct mentorship for other engineers.

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