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About Power for All

Power for All is a global campaign to accelerate the market-based growth of decentralized renewable energy (DRE) as the best solution to universal energy access. The campaign serves as a collective voice for businesses and civil society focused on off-grid solutions, including solar, micro-hydro, biomass, small-scale wind and mini-grids.

Power for All believes that decentralized renewables are the fastest, most cost-effective path to modern energy services in emerging markets; a potent growth engine for economies and jobs; and an impact multiplier that creates more resilient, self-sufficient and healthy communities.

Project Description Utilities 2.0 (or U.2.0) is a strategic initiative by Power for All and a consortium of partners to accelerate the end of energy poverty. Utilities 2.0 seeks to identify how to combine the forces of established utilities in energy-poor countries with decentralized technologies to accelerate universal electricity access. This project aims to test the benefits of integrating centralized and decentralized energy (including mini-grids, grid, smart grid technology and productive use) and demonstrate integrated public-private energy planning and implementation. By leveraging trends in digitization, data, and decentralization with traditional power delivery, U.2.0 can accelerate access, stimulate demand, and deliver more reliable energy to communities—leading to increased productivity and economic development.

Description of the role  The consultant is required to review the current methods and systems utilized by the Power for All team, especially the current Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) process and advise on the most optimal process to extract and transform the data for the purposes of comparative data analysis and visualization across the different data sets. Identify and use open system tools to best load and run analysis and automate this process. Once the process of extraction, transformation loading (ETL) and analysis with visualization has been identified and agreed upon with the research team. The Consultant should finalize the automation process of the ETL process and provide a data visualization dashboard that is automated. It will be required from the consultant to develop a document that clearly identifies the tools and processes used and how to manage errors or updates of the automation process.

Project timeline: 6 weeks.

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