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Engineering Manager @ LimeTray 

About LimeTray :

LimeTray helps restaurants run better by giving them digital infrastructure. We help restaurants get online, help them engage with their customers and help them optimise their operations through a suite of products. 6 out of 10 restaurants shut down in less than a year of starting up & this is not because they serve bad food or are expensive but because they are just not run in the best possible way and that's what we are trying to change - one restaurant at a time. 

Our founding team consists of ISB, NSIT alumni with strong-domain knowledge having built one of the largest online food ordering portals before. LimeTray counts very successful internet entrepreneurs as its angel investors besides Matrix Partners - one of the top 5 venture capital firms in India.

Some of our big merchants include Domino’s in 7 countries, Burger King in 2 countries, Tim Hortons and so-on.  

Responsibilities - this position would work very closely with product and business teams to understand product requirements - participate in product planning and then align the technology team to deliver the product. 

This position would be responsible for taking long-term decisions related to technology / languages / databases and infrastructure by taking into account current product + business understanding and evaluating long-term maintenance and running costs as product scales. Given the spread of the products and inter-product dependencies, this position would involve setting-up and reiterating processes to align all stakeholders from technology / infra teams for timely delivery. Our business software plays a critical role in marketing / operations of the restaurant so along with product delivery - stability and scalability would be another important focus area for this position. 

About LimeTray technology infrastructure - We have a distributed systems which is built on different technologies - small brief below. 

Broadly our engineering team can be divided into 6 segments -

  • Discovery product line - this product line helps restaurants get online and has products like website builder, online ordering module, mobile application builder etc. Most of backend APIs used by these products are powered from platform products which are in Java and besides that - we use Node & React (PWA / Native). 
  • Engagement product line - this product line has products which help restaurants improve their repeat business and has products like feedback module, CRM and loyalty. Given need for high throughput - these products are built on node and client side is Angular / React. During festive seasons, beginning of the month and specific events - we see high load here. 
  • Operations product line - this product line helps restaurants streamline their operations and has multiple products -
    • Merge - This application aggregates orders from third party companies like Amazon, FP, Swiggy, Zomato, Uber etc. and relays them in one common application for merchants. Besides order relay other actions like activating / deactivating items / outlets are also supported in this application. Client side of this application is electron and backend is Java with PostgreSQL. With increasing scale of Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, Grab, Talabat etc - our systems also need to scaled to support them.
    • POS - this is backbone of restaurant operations where merchants punch order and includes all features of Merge application. This is a web application built on chrome browser and supports off-line order punching on local network connection from multiple instances. Client side is built on React (PWA) / backend is Java and DB is Couch.
    • Inventory management - this application helps restaurants keep track of their raw materials to prevent theft and monitor wastage. Client side is React and backend is Java here.
  • Analytics product line - This product line helps merchants get visibility about their own business on web dashboards / mobile applications. All the data from different products is aggregated in weekly / daily / hourly format and is exposed to different applications for consumption. 
  • **Platform product line **- This is the core of our products which is built on Java and has multiple microservices which are consumed by other products. All services are built on Java and client side is primarily Angular and in some cases react. Database here is MySQL.
  • Infrastructure - we are hosted on AWS and our deployments are on Kubernetes.

All of the above product lines are individual products in themselves but they are deeply interconnected with each other to build an eco-system for restaurant on which they can run their entire business. 


  1. Strong tech background - someone who has architected applications in past and has seen chaos of scaling-up applications + has exposure in following -
    1. Micro-services architecture
    2. Hands on exposure in following technologies in past - Java / MySQL or PostgreSQL 
    3. Distributed systems with ~ 200 TPS
    4. Good to have
      1. Exposure on building analytics products / data pipelining
      2. Exposure in building offline applications
  2. Managed infrastructure in past - handled cloud / self-managed infra in past for distributed applications and have owned costs / uptime in previous roles.
  3. Team management - someone who has managed team size of ~ 10 developers + infra and has taken decisions independently in previous roles
  4. Process driven - implemented tech processes in previous roles for owning stability / releases. Owned quarterly product releases with high level visibility of yearly product roadmap. 

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