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Posted 5 months ago

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Hey folks

Looking for a full stack/backend founding engineer to join our team at SigNoz. You will be part of the first few hires in our team and will have the opportunity to own a significant part of the product.

This is an opportunity to work on core developer infra open source product - and would love to chat with folks who are excited by this

About SigNoz

SigNoz is an open source alternative to DataDog, NewRelic. We help developers monitor their applications and troubleshoot any problem. We have got lots of interest from the dev community with 4000+ stars within 5 months of launching the project.

We are backed by prominent angels & funds including YCombinator.

Why us? - Opportunity to work in a global dev infra product from India. - Work on an open source product. Engage with the community. Evangelise the product. Build your GitHub profile - Work with high volumes of data and real time applications. There are some real perf challenges in doing this well you would love to solve. - Founding team from IITs who are/have been devs themselves

Who would be a good fit - 1+ yrs experience in backend engineering. Knowledge of Go and Kubernetes is preferred. - A strong grasp of devops and different ways to deploy code. - Curious and having a get stuff done attitude - Interest in startups. If you are an ex-entrepreneur, we would love to chat with you

Our website ->ย

Github repo ->ย

Please circulate in your networks and reach out to me onย pranay@signoz.ioย if interested

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