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Posted 3 months ago

🌐 Location
🗃️ Category
⌛ Commitment
💼 Experience
Mid-level (3-4 years)
💰 Salary range/Hourly rate:
20-35 LPA +ESOPs
📝 Description

Folks with Prior Experience in fin-tech product startup ( not necessary Java, could be other Python/Go ) will be given priority


  1. You have experience of working in** Java language**

  2. You hold yourself to a high bar of craftsmanship

  3. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field

  4. You possess strong Computer Science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems, and information retrieval

  5. You’ve exposure of building large scale financial systems professionally for 2+ years and can point to things you’ve worked on

  6. You enjoy and have experience with building APIs at scale and know the factors that lead to a good API

  7. Knowledge of agile development process, jira

  8. You know how the web and mobile apps – IOS and Android works

  9. You write code that can be easily understood by others with an eye towards clarity and maintainability

  10. You are a very strong communicator. You are excited to explain complex technical concepts and share your knowledge with different audiences

  11. You are curious about how things work. When some code breaks, you are eager and able to help fix it

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P.S - I am working directly with the founders of this startup to build the core engineering team based in India.

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